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Trainings, Consultancies & Capacity Building

At OPD Support Program we offer a wide range of consultancy services to our clients and partners in public, development and corporate sector. Our pool of public policy and management experts particularly specializes in the following services:

1) Public Advocacy I Communication & Media Strategy Development and Training

2) Report Writing I Third Party Evaluation & Impact Assessment Studies I Surveys

3) Public Policy Consultancy I Secondary Data Analysis on Market and Consumer Behavior I Research in Education, Health, Labor, Microfinance, Climate Change, Disaster Management, and Social Protection

4) Focused Surveys & Management Training

The idea behind offering these services is to promote linkages between private investments with the larger goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Agenda 2030. We also combines research, management and training resources to work in partnership with private organizations for development of tailor-made solutions for social media marketing, corporate social responsibility strategy and action plan, and strategy for business growth and scaling up its operations.

5) Financial inclusion and anti-money laundering laws and SoPs, wherein we involve government and private institutions and communities to spread awareness and in building capacity.