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To ensure provision of quantity education especially in low-income communities.

OPD adopted provision of quality education and not only literacy as the main objective of its education program. The program started with Home School Education project complemented by training of the teachers of Home schools were integrated in 1996 in the form of a formal school i.e. Community Model School' The current active components of education program are:

  • Community Model School (CMS)
  • Teachers Traning Program
  • Adult Literachy Initiative

Community Model School (CMS)

Community Model School (CMS) is a symbol of OPD’s commitment to quality education. The school at Noshehra road, the initial intervention area of OPD, carrying on efforts to impact the light of education to people who need it. CMS has maintained its unique structure among a large number of private schools on the basis of following characteristics.

  • Childern Clud (CC)
  • Mothers Club (MC)
  • Library
  • Labrotary
  • Study Circle
  • Computer Education
CMS has been evolving since its inception, the school that started as primary school in a small home in a mohalla, is now situated at the main Noshehra road. There have been numerous changes in CMS since then and all of them were geared towards enhancing the quality of CMS education. Quality education means qualified teachers, healthy and friendly environment a student centered approach so as to develop a well-rounded human being.

Mother's Club:

Mothers' Club (MC) was established to involve parents and especially, mothers in the educational process of their children. Its objectives are

  • To develop effective liaison among students, teachers and parents to make the educational process meaningfull
  • To develop a mechanism for monitoring and to provide a forum to the women of the area to share their problems and identify solution locally.

Mothers' Club is a democratic forum consisting of General and Executive bodies. The Executive body i.e. President, Vice president and Secretary are elected by the General Body. Mothers' Club has regular monthly meetings to actualize its objectives. During this year 10 formal and 03 non-formal meetings of others' Club were held. Besides frequently addressed issues, the main issue discussed and decided this year by Mothers' Club was initiation of Secondary classes in CMS and the subjects to be offered. It was decided that CMS will start 9th & 1Oth classes for female students only. Following elective subjects were selected keeping in mind the future utility of the subjects:

  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Elements of Home Economics

Childern Club

Children Club (CC) is meant to enhance the creative abilities of CMS students. It is aimed at inculcating a sense of responsibility and value of democracy among students. It has three sections:

  • Arts
  • Supports
  • Tutorial

Children Club is a democratic forum and children elect a president, a vice president and a sectary of each section. These heads also participate in the planning of activities for these sections with the help of CC in charge teachers

Year Achievement
1991- 1996 Home School Project
1991- continued Teachers Training program
1996- continued Community Model school
1997 Municipal corporation schools’ survey
1998 Survey of Private Schools of Naushehra Road, Initiation of Education forum
1999-2000 OPD-AIE collaborative TTC Project
2001 Collaborative agreement with DEO
2001 MC’s primary schools’ & Private schools’ teachers’ training
2002 Private School Data base survey
2003 – continued IT education started
2003 – continued Vocational Training Facility
2004 Base line survey of Adhi Sargal, Khushab
2004 – continued Adult Literacy Initiative in Khushab